How are CPG brands weighing the risks of implementing the TikTok pixel on owned websites for retargeting efforts?

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We're not familiar with CPG brands and the tiktok pixel.
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Implementing the TikTok pixel on owned websites for retargeting purposes is a decision that CPG brands evaluate based on several factors. They should consider these factors while analyzing the dangers of integrating the TikTok pixel: Data Privacy and Compliance, Safety and Reputation, Performance and ROI, Insights and Targeting Capabilities, and, in addition to these considerations, they should be aware of any updates or modifications to TikTok's advertising rules and practices to ensure continuing compliance and risk mitigation.
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Marketing managers need to do complete pros and cons for such initiatives on their own websites. They can try other available options in pilot form to increase traffic and for re targeting efforts. Data integration and security and country’s law compliance also needs to be taken care.

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