How do you generate an email database?

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Marketing Manager in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Depends on your time and budget - a few options:
- Create opportunities to subscribe to newsletters on your website or download case studies, videos, or other content
- Purchase a list and send opt ins
- Use digital advertisements
- Collect information at a trade show or event (incentivize with a giveaway)
- Create a freemium model where a user can login (with email) to try your products for free

Director Marketing in Software, 51 - 200 employees
Here are some simple and effective ways t generate a email database. 
1. A simple pop-up message on the website which gets activated based on the reader's number of page views and section areas, so that you can make the user understand that you are genuinely interested to help him/her and not just collecting emails for building a database. A lot of marketing automation softwares can help achieve this. 
2. Opt-in form in the footer, or resources page where you publish blogs, case studies, white papers, etc. collection. 
3. CTA at the end of relevant service/product pages to subscribe to more product info/ learn new service updates, etc. 
4. Collect emails at events, conferences of people who participated/interacted with your brand for following up with email campaigns. 
5. LinkedIn connect button to opt-in to email newsletters
6. Landing pages for specialized campaigns: Auto-check the box for marketing communication sign-ups to any lead that uses the form from the landing page to connect to your brand. 
7. Adding subscription form links on your sales email signatures to let their contacts opt-in. 
8. Incentivize subscribers to share and forward your emails by adding "email to a friend" option to add more people to your database. 
9. Promote your brand via an online contest and get new subscribers through the campaign. 
10. Feedback collection via website campaign, auto-check the box to collect emails. 
11. A/B test various campaigns to collect emails. 
12. Guest blog on other websites and use a CTA to let people subscribe to your content from there. 
13. Co-market content with your partners and get access to shared email databases. 
14. Social Media PPC ad campaigns
15. Make Hiring your channel to acquire new subscribers, auto-check candidates to subscribe marketing emails. 

Manager of Marketing in Transportation, 51 - 200 employees
Since every market is different, here are a few options for B2B:

1. Lead magnet campaigns where you can download PDF information that is interesting to your audiences.
2. SEO content that attracts interest and motivates to subscribe to more content
3. Sales person can collect emails at conferences of people who participated/interacted
4. CPC campaigns that lead to a contact form on the specific landing page and will end in an email confirmation to opt-in
5. Chatbot will drive specific requests that at the end start a conversation  and can subscribe to your newsletter
6. Inbound campaigns with services like HubSpot can track and convert to new contact on your database
5. LinkedIn content to opt-in to email newsletters

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