Is it viable to change ERP provider when upgrading? i.e. Oracle to SAP. What reasons would drive your decision to even consider an alternative?

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Director of IT in Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees
Probably a very heavy lift and hard to justify a business case .
Usually such decisions to move from one ERP to another has to be made due to some compelling underlying drivers .
In my experience - most of the problems faced by ERP users are rooted in bad operational design, lack of system proficiency and organizational complications such as unclear department responsibilities, lack or missing functional roles , disconnected systems and data relationships etc
Group CIO in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
First, do your homework to see if there is a real business case in a migration. I have been on this road twice. Here are the key factors 
ERP capabilities - Is your current ERP not meeting the core business needs. This could be either due to the limited features/Industry needs or a bad implementation itself.  Add some of the future capabilities you expect as well.
Digital and User Experience factors- This could be one of the key differentiators. What is your user base? Traditional or Millennials. Improved user experience and easier adoption due to digital capabilities could be one of the key criteria these days
Ecosystem and Integration Capabilities.- Vendors, integration capabilities, Value add providers around the platform.
Organisational Change Management Capability- One of the key factors. How much change management efforts each of these ERP systems would induce?  A right-Sized platform with a better UX would be easy to adopt. So weigh in the system capability VS the Change management efforts to decide on a right-sized solution 
Cost- Do a thorough 5/10 year cost calculation. This would be easy if you are going for a cloud solution. Factor in the change management cost as well.
VP of IT Business Systems in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Reasons are driven based on the internal business pain points. Pain points would vary from an enterprise to enterprise while it would help to learn from others, but I would start with understanding what is lacking in current ERP.  Scalability, agility are other factors for re-platform.

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