What providers do you recommend for 360 assessment instruments and technology?  Our criteria for selection include that the set-up allows for us to include questions related to a set of leadership competencies that are standards in our company, the instrument can be administered in a multi-location environment and that the delivery, completion, analysis and communication of results can be done online.

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Selecting a 360-degree assessment tool and technology provider that aligns with your company's needs is crucial for effective leadership development. These tools generally offer online administration, multi-location support, and customizable questions related to specific competencies. It's also a good idea to request demos and trial periods from potential providers to get a firsthand experience of their offerings and assess how well they align with your company's specific needs. Additionally, seek references or case studies from organizations with similar requirements to gauge the provider's effectiveness in meeting your criteria.
Some providers of 360 assessment tools that you might find useful are:
1. SurveySparrow: This tool allows you to create custom 360-degree feedback surveys and provides deep insights. It also offers automation for conducting surveys at convenient time intervals.
2. SurveyMonkey: Known for its user-friendly interface, SurveyMonkey could be a good option for administering 360-degree feedback.
3. Typeform: This tool is known for its unique form-based interface, which might be useful for your multi-location environment.
4. Alchemer: Formerly known as SurveyGizmo, Alchemer offers robust survey and data analysis features.
5. SpiderGap: This is a dedicated 360 feedback tool with powerful features for feedback collection and analysis.
6. Qualtrics: Known for its comprehensive XM platform, Qualtrics offers a 360-degree feedback development tool.
7. CultureAmp: This platform focuses on culture-first employee feedback, which might align well with your leadership competencies.
8. Reviewsnap: An all-in-one performance management system, Reviewsnap offers 360-degree feedback as part of its suite.
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We are extensively using Sumtotal for 360 degree feedback, continuous feedback and Performance Management. In sumtotal, Talent Management suite, every role is defined with skills & Competencies (Techno functional & behavioral). Competencies could be self rated and Managers are also expected to rate competencies as part of Performance Management process. 
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How are you thinking about talent reviews? Do you use the 9 box or have you created your own framework? I'd love to learn from you on how you are reimaging this process.

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