When you're mapping a new digital business opportunity, which one is the preferred tool, framework or methodology to refine the idea and to define your MVP?

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CIO in Energy and Utilities, 201 - 500 employees
Define a holistic approach and use reference frameworks such as Cobit or ITIL, through these parameters you can achieve a promising horizon.
Marketing Analyst in Finance (non-banking), 11 - 50 employees
When mapping a new digital business opportunity, the Lean Six Sigma methodology is often preferred for refining the idea and defining the MVP. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is centered around continuous improvement and problem-solving techniques to optimize processes, reduce waste, and improve quality. It also helps to identify customer needs and reduce risk.
IT Manager in IT Services, 11 - 50 employees
Stalin and Churcill used just pencil and piece of paper, what have changed besides transistor, internet and chip production? Only way we communicate in digital channels, so prorotype in tool the decision maker is using and able to consider idea in full or test basic functionality. Client based approach - not tool defines aim to use but person which is using tool.  
Data Manager in Media, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
1) Do a SWOT Analysis
2) Reforge Framework is the key
Data Mining researcher in Healthcare and Biotech, 51 - 200 employees
Sales Analyst in IT Services, 10,001+ employees
IT Manager in IT Services, 11 - 50 employees
I suppose there is no a definite unswer: "Once I was told the real musician can play even a spool". That is right in business, any application which built value [4investor, 4customer, 4user]: 1) vision 2) swot and financial feasibility 3) any tech application (I prefer Python) to showcase your idea as a low quality but consistent and valuable application 4) if it is enough unique to qualify US patent rewright code and in quality otherwise loop 1-3 ))
IT Manager in IT Services, 10,001+ employees
Tools are not limited but we use mostly design thinking for designing any new opty
Store Manager in Retail, 10,001+ employees
Tools and methodologies for refining digital business opportunities and defining MVPs:

Lean Startup

Design Thinking

Business Model Canvas

Agile Development.
Senior Managing Consultant-Intelligent Process Automation in IT Services, 10,001+ employees
Design Thinking is a great way to collaboratively frame, refine and qualify the opportunity, and systematically work towards the specification of an MVP

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