What role should senior executives play in innovation?

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Director of IT in Software, 201 - 500 employees
They should create an environment that fosters innovation and encourage other to be innovative and make innovation as something expected in the organization
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CIO in IT Services, 51 - 200 employees

Yes, It's all about the environment when it comes to Innovation, no one is creative under pressure. 

Director of Data in Government, 51 - 200 employees
Create the environment to risk
Senior Information Security Manager in Software, 501 - 1,000 employees
Empower their teams and stay out of the way.
Senior Director, Technology Solutions and Analytics in Telecommunication, 51 - 200 employees
They should be involved in the process from start to finish, including challenging ideas that may not work out as planned and helping bring new initiatives to fruition by providing guidance throughout implementation
CEO in Services (non-Government), 2 - 10 employees
The role of senior executives in an innovation should be to provide the resources and support necessary for innovation to occur and to create an environment that is conducive to creativity and risk-taking.
CEO in Healthcare and Biotech, 11 - 50 employees
As suggested, Senior execs should be leading the culture of innovation. As is occurring in more and more successful companies, there should be company time set aside for staff/employees to use their experience and insight working in the "trenches" close to customers, processes etc in considering new and better ways to improves product, services etc

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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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