What are some recent examples of convergent technology?

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I was at a Microsoft Ignite conference a few years ago and one of the sessions was about mosquito trapping in Guatemala. But they weren't talking about how technology was trapping more mosquitoes; they explained how they were using drones to fly into parts of Guatemala that humans couldn't get to. They would drop in mosquito traps, retrieve those traps with the drones later, and then determine if there is malaria in that area. Once they did that, they could treat that area to kill off the mosquito population. They weren’t creating technology to kill mosquitoes. They just happened to use a technology that now exists to do it. And I get the feeling that's probably what we'll see more and more: people are going to take a technology that was used in one way and apply it to a different use case to start converging problems together.
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Back in 2011, I had built a software company and we were doing mobile payment through QR codes that we encrypted. And I look at AR now as I looked at it then, as the bridge to the future. That was why the QR code made sense for us to use as a payment mechanism. I remember a colleague giving a presentation on it and how remarkable it was that you could leverage this technology to create an omnichannel for retail. Looking at it now along with the metaverse, and with regard to robotics, we're starting to see the generation that comes from folks asking, “How do I apply this?” It may be the intermediate place between the first wave of industry 4.0 and what will be the next wave. Because it is coming in waves over a period of probably 20 years. But the periods of time that make up each wave are getting shorter. That's where the emergent and exponential or convergent technologies are starting to have an impact.
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Convergence is the right word because it's the combination of a QR code with a readily accessible camera. And it's a series of old technologies connecting together to create a new solution. Blockchain and AI aren't new either. We just didn't have the compute power to apply those technologies. Most of these statistical techniques were being studied decades ago.

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www.hammerspace.com is an example of a convergent technology if i understand the definition correctly. Hammerspace blends in to a single solution the interests of IT in efficiently managing data with the seemingly opposing interest of the business to have data available wherever and whenever needed. So, a convergence of interests solved.
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Convergent technology is the convolution of different tech/features, methods at a same place and is used by end-users for solving or helping them for more than one cause. The very common example around us is a mobile phone which is a single device encompassing so many things from telephony, to gps, calender, different sensors and things related to our day to day activities. Recently the offerings like UC (Unified Convergence) of different types of telephony - audio, video and productivity tools is also another good example of Convergent Technology. On wearables side, devices like a smart watch or smart glasses are going to supplement the existing methods of how we perceive things. 
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Convergent technology refers to two or more independent technologies that integrate and form a new outcome. IoT, Blockchain, Wi-Fi 6, electric cars, are recent examples.
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A clear example is a smartphone - replacing cameras, music players, maps, and all kinds of things, though that's not recent.

However, what is recent and still emerging is the application of AI/ML to all kinds of things. For example, predictive maintenance - applying AI and ML to ERP information.

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Probably autonomous driving is one of the convergent technologies I can think of. Today's technology is always a combination of multiple disciplines. For example, AR and VR-assisted medicine and surgery are probably becoming the next big thing. 

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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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