What are some ways product managers can grow their careers outside of product management?

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VP of Product Management in Banking, 10,001+ employees
Product managers are Mini CEOs of their Product and understands Business and Technology well. There are lot of avenues for them to grow their careers beyond Product management like:

1. Strategy and Consulting: With their holistic view of products, markets, and customers, product managers can transition into strategy or consulting roles. They can help organizations define and execute their strategic direction, conduct market research, perform competitive analysis, and drive organizational change.

2.Entrepreneur: Many product managers develop a strong understanding of market needs, customer insights, and product development processes. This knowledge can be applied to starting their own ventures or joining early-stage startups. As an entrepreneur, product managers can create their own products and have a more comprehensive business impact.
Director of Product Management in Services (non-Government), 10,001+ employees
Product managers can find opportunities in many fields outside product management. Some of them are listed here
1. Digital transformation expert/leader in service or bpm or retail/manufacturing companies
2. Solution consultants in services, products and technology companies
3. Knowledge champions or process experts for domain specific expertise
4. Move to Growth and marketing space
5. With good pricing and finance background one can move to account management too
6. Customer delivery management roles
7. Move to technical delivery/solution leadership within product company for integration and automation experts
8. R&D/Innovation Center lead roles
Global Product Director - Retail Media Platforms | Personalisation Science | Media Measurement in Services (non-Government), 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Given the cross-functional nature of the product manager role, there are multiple opportunities for the PMs to expand their horizon by paying attention on a day to day basis on how to influence company strategy, understanding financial planning and analysis, marketing and positioning of the products, industry trend analysis etc.

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Seeking out volunteer or freelance opportunities0%

Networking with individuals in the product management community100%

Staying up-to-date on industry trends0%

Attending industry events100%

Participating in online forums or social media groups0%

Building a strong portfolio of work100%

Taking workshops or other product-focused events0%

Getting a Master’s degree in a product-related field0%

Other (comment below)0%



Focusing too narrowly on technical skills or functional expertise, rather than developing broader strategic and leadership skills0%

Failing to seek out feedback and mentorship0%

Becoming complacent in their career growth100%

Over-relying on past successes or experience instead of taking on new challenges and continuing to learn and develop new skills0%

Failing to build relationships with cross-functional teams or stakeholders0%

Other (comment below)0%