Is stability / uptime a concern for you with your cloud provider?  Thinking back to AWS' major outage in 2017, shouldn't we be past these issues?

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Executive Architect in Healthcare and Biotech, 10,001+ employees
It should be a concern.    No Hyperscaler is immune,  and we're not past these issues. AWS confirmed on 12-07-2021 "it was experiencing issues in the US-East-1 Region" that took down business and consumer services. 

Many companies have already adopted a Multicloud strategy.  Moreover, it makes sense to use cloud service providers with complementary capabilities so that the business maintains access to best in class technologies.
CIO in Healthcare and Biotech, 51 - 200 employees
Stability and security is obviously top of mind when we look at Cloud. Do you think their track record is better or worse when compared to on premise solutions? I for one have a lot fewer sleepless nights since I don't have to manage a data center.
Director of IT in Software, 201 - 500 employees
It is a concern, but then every major cloud vendor has outages and issues... I think is more important to design your systems so they are reliable and not located in a single region and have failover/DR to a different physical location or different cloud provider.

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Proliferation of shadow IT38%

Lack of integrations across on-prem and cloud57%

Inability to identify high value assests that need protection50%

Lack of visibility/blind spots in coverage37%

Other (share below)0%


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Increasing efficiency20%

Improving operational productivity35%

Hybrid-cloud flexibility21%

Increasing agility15%

Increasing stability5%

Improving compliance0%

Overcoming skill gaps4%

Minimizing errors1%


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We can help here for prompt engineering from Zensar. This is Rajat. You can reach me at

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