Do you suggest for any container security products for Tanzu container platform  and also Could you tell about advantages and disadvantages ?

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VMware Tanzu Developer Center, it is affordable but hard to get started
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Actually you mean vmaware tanzu application platform . This product include many features, but i want vulnerability features can be strong, also TAP's licences price is too high, Thanks for your idea. 

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VMWare recommend Velero, an open source tool that is a standard. 
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Sorry for ,There may be some missing statements in my question. I want container security for vulnerability features from build to runtime ,also protect agains attack. Thanks.

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Secure the container host. Containers should be hosted in a container-focused OS.
Secure the networking environment.
Secure your management stack.
Build on a secure foundation.
Secure your build pipeline. 
Secure your application.

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Scanning and distributing the vulnerabilities to asset owners41%

Scanning , prioritizing and distribution39%

Scanning prioritizing, distribution and follow up20%


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This question requires a long explanation, but in a nutshell, implemented in the Risk Management Framework (NIST RMF). It is a layered protection in every step of the RMF.
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