What are your thoughts about the Oculus?

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Head of Security and Compliance in Software, 51 - 200 employees
Today’s Oculus is comparable to the bulky gadgets we had in big workstations 20 years ago. Back then you might have had a 90MHz Pentium CPU — what is it today? When you compare the current Oculus to what Google Glass was 10 or 15 years back, it may end up being minimized into a similar type of device. Evolution may happen but you don't know it will. It may just fizzle out in a few years.
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CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed

I totally agree. I was looking at stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) about changing the pixelation and bezels of foldable screens.

CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed
When I look at it as someone who wears glasses, I can’t see trying to have a prescription lens with an Oculus or anything even close, not in a million years. 
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CIO, 5,001 - 10,000 employees

But in the future, the prescription lens might be built in. Then the Oculus could adjust to our eyes instead of our eyes having to adjust to something physical that can't be changed. That's one of the interesting things that algorithms might be able to do for us — we can think about the problem the other way now. How do I change myself to adapt to the device, versus how does the device adapt to me?

CEO in Services (non-Government), Self-employed

If you can make a foldable or rollable screen for a laptop and you can change the bezels and the pixels on the material that's used for the glass, then you can figure out how to give me better AR or even VR in my regular Nikon lenses. Why do I have to have this huge device? Because we know that you can do anything from having an electronic circuit that looks like my skin, to something even more miniaturized and put it together.

Director of Technology Strategy in Services (non-Government), 2 - 10 employees

I have an Oura ring and if you can fit all of the senses needed to measure and track life into that piece of plastic, there's no reason you can't fit them into the arm of my eyeglasses in a way that's unobtrusive.

Director of IT in Software, 201 - 500 employees
I find it bulky and wish it was smaller, like sunglasses. I am sure in time, the design will improve. Attended a few work-related meetings with Oculus and had to take it to the office, and I hate to have to bring the whole box.
Looking forward to when it will fit in my pockets. 

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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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