Top lessons learned from your data cloud migration journey?

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Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Have a strategy of minimalistic initial configurations. Our engineers were over sizing environments on every vector [CPUs, Storage, DB size, performance, data flows]. We went way over budget and systems were grossly under utilized

I’d also put processes in place to turn down/off test systems when not in use to save costs
CTO in Software, 2 - 10 employees
If you don't go all-in, you won't see the benefits. You're missing the point if you simply pick up your infrastructure and put it in the cloud on virtual servers/containers. An example is databases, don't recreate the complexity and operational burden by managing yourself. Instead, move to the fully managed database products straight off the bat e.g. AWS RDS.

Director of IT in Software, 2 - 10 employees
Azure only (all I know)...

- Ensure a budget is in place - added when the Subscription is created, preferably via automation
- For each resource, ask the questions...
  - Is it necessary? Don't create it unless/when it's necessary
  - Do I use it very little?, e.g. mon-fri 9-5 - automate manual start/stop
  - Can I reserve it (Reserved Instance)?
  - Can I use a Savings Plan?
  - Can I re-engineer it to a cheaper solution, e.g. IaaS to PaaS - when will I get my investment back?
- Be organised from the outset - use Cloud Adoption Framework / Well Architected Framework or similar
- Automate as much as you can
- Have some standards
- Lean on people with proven expertise
Head IT - Infrastructure, Ops & Applications at Dhani, Indiabulls Group in IT Services, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Don't rely on the SI partner fully

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Non-production DBs (Dev, Training, QA, etc.)30%


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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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