We have been using Progress MoveIT Managed File Transfer solution (On-prem). Now we are looking for equivalent Cloud hosted Managed File Transfer services.  Any recommendations based on experience of such ?  There are many providers and so far those solutions - what we have studied - have been extremely expensive as we want to provide easy and secure ad hoc file transfer possibility to all our users who need transfer large files mainly externally. We have 20 000 users globally.

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consider AWS Transfer for SFTP or Azure Logic Apps for Azure users. Both offer scalability and can be cost-effective. Azure Logic Apps supports multiple protocols and can integrate with various systems. Additionally, evaluate Google Cloud Storage and IBM Aspera for alternatives.
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AWS Transfer Family: Amazon Web Services offers AWS Transfer for SFTP, FTPS, and FTP, which can be a scalable and cost-effective solution. You can leverage AWS's global infrastructure and only pay for the resources you use.Azure File Storage: Microsoft Azure provides secure and scalable file storage options, including Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Storage, which can be used for file transfers. You can build a customized MFT solution using Azure services.Google Cloud Storage: Google Cloud offers various storage solutions, including Google Cloud Storage, which provides secure, scalable, and cost-effective storage
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Considering your need to provide easy and secure ad hoc file transfer for a global user base of 20,000, it's advisable to explore cloud-based Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions that can offer scalability and cost-efficiency. While the cost can vary depending on your specific requirements, some reputable cloud MFT providers to consider include AWS Transfer for SFTP, Azure File Storage, and IBM Aspera. These services offer various features for secure and efficient file transfers, but it's essential to evaluate their pricing models and features carefully to determine which aligns best with your organization's needs and budget constraints. Additionally, consider consulting with these providers directly to discuss customized solutions that suit your unique use case and potentially negotiate pricing based on your user volume.
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Try out this tool - https://www.kiteworks.com/

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