Eliminate Redundancy34%

Re-negotiate with vendors / take advantage of incentives39%

Shut down / pause what has been inactive12%

Update legacy and leverage emerging / more financially advantageous tools13%


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 I was tuning into #CIOchat today, had this poll in queue RE: cutting spend. If you have additional thoughts the community here would love your comments I'm sure as well...
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 - caught you chiming on twitter for this as well. Grateful if you have anything to have for the network on Pulse.

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 you're name is familiar from my time at Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) - I recently left the firm and excited to be with Pulse.

Anyways, sorry to hear that you had to downsize staff, mistakenly I didn't include that as an option here... but if you have anything to chime in further I'm sure your additional peers on Pulse would appreciate it!
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 adding you to the thread - we're hoping to get some color from the poll here but also appreciate you also sharing your experiences in more detail.
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Difficult to not answer three of the four.
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Got it - thanks Paige! Maybe one / two where you feel like you got the most ROI/decrease without damage then?

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Speed kills (NTSB proves that all the time) - businesses need velocity.  Velocity is speed with control - meaning direction/focus.  Best way to increase velocity - get rid of "time vampire" people, processes, and technology and get a real leader.  They will generate velocity to execute and deliver

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Very confident8%

Somewhat confident70%

Somewhat unconfident19%

Not at all confident2%

Other (explain in the comments)0%



Insider threats – rogue admins19%

Encrypting my data51%

Deleting my backup copies11%

Resident malware8%

Data theft – data exfiltration11%



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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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