How do you think AI will disrupt business across industries? Add to my list: 1. Content creation 2. Photos and video production 3. Basic coding and debugging 4. Strategic analysis to be highly complimented 

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Principal in Finance (non-banking), Self-employed
Almost too many to list. I believe original content — written, photos, and videos — are all but certain to become widely synthetic. Perhaps people will do some humanizing of the content but most of it will be artificially created.

The other areas listed, I believe the jury is still very much out.
VP, Data and Opex, 10,001+ employees
Multiple areas but coding as co-pilot. One area that we believe AI will be used more effectively is summarizing of content to make it easier for domain experts to write opinions be it tax, health, legal or regulatory compliance.
VP of Sales in Software, 10,001+ employees
I think it will help automate away the non-value add tasks and also become the most valued resource to enhance humans' ability and capability to focus on high-value tasks and insights.
Practice Head, Data Science & Cognitive Analytics in Banking, 10,001+ employees
AI will help improve hyperpersonalization in various domains. Some items are added to the list and are not restricted to manufacturing, COEs, customer service, finance, education, etc.
Legal Operations Counsel & Innovation Strategist in Services (non-Government), 10,001+ employees
Access to information, data, and justice
CDO in Software, 10,001+ employees
Personal assistant, when running on your personal data w/o any ads :)
Executive, Self-employed
 i think (and i am trying not to be unreasonable) that will disrupt on taking not need positions, some of you have comment as a personal assistant, also i think many basic function stuff will disappear (not only in tech areas)
VP of Marketing & Solutions — Artificial Intelligence in Software, 10,001+ employees
These are the first wave of use cases that we’re seeing. Drug discovery, material science, new compounds/ structures will be next. The next wave will be less obvious uses.
Director of Data Architecture in Media, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
I think we will have 4 themes:

- Virtual Assistants - Summarize and extract Insights to assist in decision intelligence/making.

- Customer Engagement - Intelligent Chatbots for Clients and Personalized Assistance.

- Coding - generate and improve code, translate code, documentation, 

- Content Generation: Email, Slides, Documentations, Recommendations, Videos, Arts , Games and metaverse content
Project Management Manager in Energy and Utilities, Self-employed
Automation and order of magnitude efficiency of labor-intensive tasks such as case reviews, content consolidation, Analysis and summarization of large amounts of input content etc. This is where lot of corporations seem to be able to generate value quick. controlled content controls bias in corporate environements

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CTO in Software, 11 - 50 employees
No, we haven't published corporate guidance establishing guardrails for use of commercial generative AI services.
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