What are the biggest advantages of on-premises computing?

On-premises computing can offer businesses more control over their data and applications.41%

On-premises computing can be more secure than cloud computing, since data is stored on-site.36%

On-premises computing can be more reliable than cloud computing, since it is not subject to outages.12%

All of the above.10%


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Why don't you offer a "None of the above" option as an answer ?
IMHO, the biggest remaining advantages of on-prem computing are a) regulatory compliance, because your favorite public cloud can't be in every country that is going to come up with a data residency requirement b) latency/availability for specific use cases like industrial control solutions and c) cost in a few very specific scenarios that don't mesh too well with cloud pricing models. But for the average case I very much believe that on-prem is neither more secure nor more reliable, and doesn't give you more control over anything useful. 

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Having certified employees61%

Having experienced employees39%


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around 2

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