DevOps: What is it in your organization?  DevOps originally started as a term that was more aligned with culture and attitude rather than a job description or role. Regardless of where the term originated, many now use the term as a specific job function. What are you seeing and using in your current organizations? Is DevOps a role?  Do you post job descriptions and hire "DevOps engineers," or do you look for developers who can deploy and maintain their solutions? Do you have separate DevOps teams?

DevOps is a role34%

DevOps is a culture63%

We don't use the term in any meaningful way.3%


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Director of IT in Government, 10,001+ employees
It might be more of a practice or activity. But, I am just learning and not sold on the concept.

For example, in service desk when a new capability is sent over for us to ‘test’ we told this is DevOps. But there is not test script or shared ‘expectations.’
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VP of Engineering in Healthcare and Biotech, 11 - 50 employees

Interesting, are you saying that people submit work to the service desk and are using the term "DevOps" to some how indicate the service desk should just pick up the work?

Director of IT in Government, 10,001+ employees

More having last minute smoke testing of a new capability. 

VP of Engineering in Healthcare and Biotech, 11 - 50 employees

That sounds like the opposite of the DevOps mindset, which would support the Developer taking some large ownership in their software operations.

one of the reasons I'm still of the original "culture" mindset is DevOps as a role does little to ensure those that write the applications and software think about it's maintainability in production.

I think the DevOps as a role move is more a relabel of traditional sysAdmin and network and infrastructure operations with a bit of IaC or scripting tossed in.


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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
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We are not doing regression testing10%

25% manual, 75% automated50%

50% manual, 50% automated28%

100% manual, 0% automated8%

Don't know2%


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Limited environment/Infrastructure resources31%

Inability to quickly identify the root cause of CI/CD pipeline failures45%

Lack of standardized CI/CD pipeline templates across the organization53%

Integrating security tools - inefficient security implementation leading to false positives37%

Poor communication across business and product teams/coordination challenges26%

Cost/resource management26%

Implementation of CI/CD into on-going projects and workflows22%

Internal resistance: training issues, culture, etc.14%

Inefficient implementation of CI/CD due to lack of expertise, poor training, etc.18%

Poorly written unit and acceptance testing9%