What does having a “multi-cloud” strategy mean to you? (Let’s agree that having SaaS products is not part of this definition, and the focus is on IaaS/PaaS public cloud providers (eg GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba). Multi-cloud (exclusively) means:

You simply have more than one cloud provider configured and available for use with no specific workload-based strategy (i.e polycloud)35%

You are running the same workload as active/active across two cloud providers25%

You are “cloud-agnostic” and using the lowest common denominator (think containers) with a focus on portability across two cloud providers19%

You are using a “best-of-breed” approach and running workloads where they most optimally run21%


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If you are open to it, please help me with additional insights into this multi-cloud topic by answering the following question on pulse:

Pulse: I am doing some independent research re:  multi-cloud and need your help to:  1/ understand your definition of “multi-cloud”, 2/ learn if anyone has successfully deployed workloads in an active/active setup across multiple CSPs, 3/ inquire about the reasons for your multi-cloud strategies, and 4/ capture some of the challenges you are facing.
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Adding , , and  since it'll be great to get their perspectives. Thank you!

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