How quickly do you believe a business should notify affected customers in the event of a data breach?

Immediately, within hours of discovering the breach30%

Within 24 hours of discovering the breach47%

Within 72 hours of discovering the breach9%

Within one week of discovering the breach6%

It depends on the severity of the breach and the type of data that was compromised6%


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IT Manager in IT Services, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
This is very important and inform this immediately. 

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Very confident, it is comprehensive and effective34%

Somewhat confident, it covers the basics but could be improved44%

Not very confident, it needs significant improvements18%

My organization does not have a security awareness training program.2%


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IT Manager in Transportation, 10,001+ employees
Always remember about Risk Assessment. Conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential data loss risks and vulnerabilities. Use this assessment to prioritize DLP efforts.
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Security features and compliance with industry standards24%

User-friendly interface and ease of use33%

Scalability and ability to manage multiple devices and platforms33%

Integration with existing systems and applications6%

Cost-effectiveness and value for money2%


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