How do you typically advise a sales rep when a prospect is ghosting them?

Move on and focus on other customers75%

Get prospect on the phone0%

Engage prospect on other medium (LinkedIn or other social media)0%

Start a drip campaign0%

Something else25%


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VP of Sales in Services (non-Government), 51 - 200 employees
While the answer is never as simple as one of the above - pushing them to move on (for now) gets them less focused on the ghosting, and more motivated to get to the next one.
CEO in Hardware, Self-employed
If a seller is being ghosted, I ask if they've coached the prospect through the next step in the process. Yes, that's right - a seller has to coach their prospects, helping them to identify the next steps they'll need to take, stating those steps as a SMART goal, and holding their champion accountable for those steps. If they've done that and still get ghosted, then yes, most definitely move on.

Coaching your prospects not only keeps deals moving forward, it also decreases ghosting and decreased the deals lost to "no decision".
CSO in Education, 2 - 10 employees
Its quite straight forward that the prospect is not keen on the solution, the discussion or whatever the seller is calling for. A buyer is more ready than a prospect and various motivations differ, buying decisions are also influenced by various factors and not just by the sales person alone which is the by product of the the response too.

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Number of deals0%

Average conversion rate0%

Average deal size100%

Average win rate0%

Average deal velocity0%

Something else0%


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