What would be the ideal amount of notice that tech companies should be required to give their employees before a layoff?

60 days, in line with the WARN Act36%

90 days51%

120 days9%

Other (comment below)3%


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I don't think it's a big surprise to employees in most cases. Especially in tech companies, there is a high level of transparency when it comes to the numbers. From the employee's point of view, a long deadline is fair, but from the company's point of view, the deadline should be kept as short as possible. In that respect, it's a compromise. 
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Depend on the role and seniority
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It depends on where they are legally HQd and where they employ people. There are different legal requirements in place by country.
Should they go above the local legal requirements? - I don't think so. Being employed in tech is no different than being employed elsewhere and no other industry offers any privilege here.
I agree with others who noted before me that employees are usually well aware or aren't surprised by these layoffs.
I think the problem has always been with the "how" during the handling of these layoffs.
Nobody wants to be treated like a robot, so if they treat them like human beings and within the legal requirements of the country, they should be fine.
I'd rather go in the other direction with questions though and ask this:
Why there is lack of strategic consideration and proper operational / execution follow up at hiring, when they know they have problems? Why hire when you'd let go within 1 months announcing mass layoffs? etc....but most importantly: why not hire as you truly need and not based on an industry hype?
I could ask many further questions here and none of them would go towards the layoff side, but rather how to manage workforce in a way that you can avoid mass layoffs....as there are many ways to not get there.

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Cybersecurity and data protection 0%

Process automation and optimization 50%

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