What is your prediction on a recession starting globally? We believe it will be there for 6-18 months time frame.

Mar 202319%

Q2 - 202331%

Q3 - 202323%

Q4 - 202327%


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Executive Leader - FP&A and Treasury in Finance (non-banking), Self-employed
I don't think we will have a recession between now and the end of 2024

There is so much fiscal stimulus coming on-line in the next 18 months here in the USA

Inflation is dropping, low unemployment, adjusting to "normal" interest rates after 15 years of ultra-low rates

Currently in the USA, we are enjoying the highest growth rate and the lowest inflation rate in the developed world
, Self-employed
I am not sure we will have a holistic recession impacting global economy.  We are seeing pockets of recessionary factors today but it seems to ebb and flow.  I think in 2024 the political landscape may stall spending and create a mini-recession environment.  
CFO, Self-employed
With the recent economic news coming out of China, a global recession is more likely to happen now, I'd say. Even as the US is trying to place less reliance on China, it is just the beginning, and it will take years to rebuild and diversify the supply chain for most business.
General Counsel in Software, Self-employed
Where is the option to disagree with the premise? Consider that talk of a global recession has been going on for over a year now. Unemployment is low. Housing markets remain strong despite higher interest rates on mortgages. Inflation is leveling off. I have been hearing this imminent recessiong talk for over a year and I remaind skeptical about its near-term inevitability.

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