Are short term bans of the use of GenAI applications and tools (such as ChatGPT) a good idea for end users in most organizations? For context see this article on the State of Maine Government's directive before you vote:

Yes - Maine did the right thing. There are too many security risks with free versions of these tools. Not enough copyright or privacy protections of data.36%

No, but.... - You must have good security and privacy policies in place for ChatGPT (and other GenAI apps). My organization has policies and meaningful ways to enforce those policies and procedures for staff.45%

No - Bans simply don't work. Even without policies, this action hurts innovation and sends the wrong message to staff and the world about our organization.11%

I'm not sure. This action by Maine makes me think. Let me get back to you in a few weeks (or months).7%


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Senior Engineering Manager in Finance (non-banking), 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Yes, i think before the organizations and the whole world understands the privacy concern of using gpt.models , it should be restricted to personal use and discretion..
Let companies set internal versions with their data so that they don't need to publish their context to outside world.

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There are a lot of intern positions posting and increasing.
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