Will we see less SDRs and more full cycle salespeople in the second half of ‘23?


No way - SDRs are the foundation50%

Sharing thoughts below!33%


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I don't know many closers anymore that are willing to cold call. They do exist but closers need to focus on high value work - closing, networking.  With AI, I am seeing a ton of automated emails and expect they will lose some value for prospecting. As a result, I predict we will see a resurgence of BDR outreach with calling and social engagement.
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I don't think we'll see a change in 2H23, but within, say, 3-5 years (or sooner), top-of-funnel activities are going to be an area where there will be massive displacement due to AI. More companies will begin to fully automate their outreach activities and sellers will become not just reliant but dependent on AI for this function. They'll be fed not just warm but par-boiled leads, and their prospecting muscles are going to atrophy.

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