What is your companies biggest obstacle to digital transformation? 

Budget Constraints28%

Rigid IT Infrastructure47%

Lack of skilled personnel14%

Lack of prioritizing11%


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I think there are two or three challenges depending upon which market you’re talking about. The common challenges are the ability of the IT organization to handle these digital transformations. The biggest challenge is IT evolving into a business and functioning to deliver business transformation.

The second aspect of it is wherever the process maturity is very less digital transformations are bound to fail. We have implemented automation projects for companies where the process maturity is very low. If you take no process maturity companies these processes measured by these companies will fail because digitalization is actually automation of a process which is very well defined. If you have not even defined the process or if your processes are immature, you find it very difficult to automate and run a successful program. These are the top two things which we have seen.

Thirdly, you can’t see automation as a solution for everything. This is a quick ROI program, at least on paper. So everybody is interested in automation because they can show certain things quickly because the ROI timelines for organizations have moved significantly from 18 months to 24 months in getting approved. In many organizations, the ROI is less than a year, typically nine months. Organizations want to spend money and they want to see the impact of this year, not two years later. So automation becomes the easiest business case that could be put up saying that I will put up this business case and I will try to automate.

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Strong Positive Impact12%

Moderate Positive Impact62%

No Impact14%

Moderate Negative Impact12%

Strong Negative Impact1%


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Far outperforms their #'s and expectations18%

Steadily beats expectations at a good rate56%

Consistently in-line with expectations23%

Sets ambitious goals and expectations, that are rarely met3%


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