What is your 30 day plan when starting as CIO or CTO in a new organisation?

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VP of IT in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Study and observe the landscape and the culture. Identify the processes or the lack of it for first 10 days.

Prepare and draft note on your understanding and then get it validated from the team.

In next 10 days reach out to various business functions leaders and take their views on what they think it is working or not working in the organisation. What is their wish list and urgent requirements.

In the next 10 days prepare a strategy plan to accommodate major requirements and gaps in the next 3 years.

Priority to be decided in coordination with business leaders for Business applications. IT security related initiatives to be driven as per critical assessment only.
Chief Technology Officer in Software, 51 - 200 employees
I have joined Vetic as their CTO last month. So let me share my experience and thoughts.

Week 1 - I spent my first week with the tech team to know what we have built so far and where we need attention. Spent time with my product managers to understand the roadmap and impact of each item as per them.

Week 2 - Spent second week with business leaders across verticals to understand the business and their technology pain-points and scope of automations.

Week 3 - Spent with my tech and product leaders so chart out a roadmap for the quarter. And metrics which we will track.

Week 4 - Presented this roadmap to leadership to get approvals so that we can start our technical design discussions asap.

CTO in Healthcare and Biotech, 11 - 50 employees
I suppose there must be a handover where I’ll learn everything from the company ( Their products/services, how the company it was created, who were ( Or are ) the founders, their processes, etc. ).

In that period of time I would reach the CEO to know what are the OKRs I have and when am I supposed to reach them.

I will meet with other C-level to know more about their departments and how do they interact with my department.

I assume I’ll be in a customer process, so I could know how do we sell our products/services to them.

In the end, I’ll be consuming a lot of information of the company, the positions, the processes to be prepared for the planning I shall do in the next month and act accordingly.
CTO in Software, 51 - 200 employees
With a month of 20 working days:

Days 1,2,3 - know people
Day 4 - workshop with influential people to discover pains, strength, main goals of the organization and teams
Day 5-13- read documentation, review source code, check production systems, try it by yourself and ask to people support to understand what you see
Day 14-16 - prepare a two day workshop for envisioning the goal of the organization and define a common roadmap, roles, responsibilities and rules of work
Day 17-18 - run the workshop. Expected outcomes: business and IT priorities merged; urgent and important activities to complete in the first quarter; defined roles and responsibilities; rules of work (how perform experiments, how to interact with you and more)
Day 19: recap the workshop outcomes and prepare a short presentation for board and executives on how you want to proceed
Day 20: present your plan to the board and get the approval (because you involved during this month the influential people you should get the approval)

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