As the CIO and CISO of your organization, what are some of the major things you do to prevent and mitigate a breach?

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Get rid of security solutions that don't work and improve your controls.
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Focus on the tools/software once you have a really solid assessment/visibility into your overall infrastructure (systems, data, processes, people) and associated risks. 

Too often organizations try and prevent and mitigate with software/solutions first.
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As good as tools are, at the end of the row is end users. Spend extra time on the weakest link - people.  Educate, Educate, Educate.
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I will add training.

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Automate as much as you can with the right tooling that is capable and that you can trust. Train and educate the humans involved in the whole process. Especially in development, ensure you build Security and Privacy by Design.
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There are entire books written in response to this question.


But one of the best ways to mitigate the catastrophic effects of a data breach is to get rid of unwanted data.


But this is not a trivial thing. Many companies have been gathering and storing data for decades. They have many methods in ingress, but no method for data elimination. Over time, this can add up to tens of petabytes of data.  An in the event of a breach, all that data is exfiltrated.


Firms that have to deal with GDPR got a head start on this and started eliminating data they no longer needed to collect or store. That way their liability is limited. Firm who don’t have to deal with GDPR may want to take the same approach.

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Lead digital business/transformation initiatives26%

Upgrade IT and data security44%

Identify new data-driven business opportunities15%

Collaborate with business leaders on customer initiatives4%

Help reach specific goals for corporate revenue growth11%


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Data Exposure32%

Weak/Broken Authentication14%

Insider Threats15%

Application Vulnerabilities11%

Overprovisioned Access5%



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