You finally get THAT prospect on the phone after cold calling, and a minute into the call they ask you to send them an email. How exactly do you proceed?

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oh yes, that one. They don't want to deal with this right now, or at all, don't have the heart to tell you no thank you - or maybe there is general interest but they are not ready to talk about it. Some people need a bit time and an email to think things through. In the small chance that it is that situation something like this has worked before:

"No problem. It sounds like you have no time right now, would you be ok with me checking in with you once you had a few days to read through the materials?"

Or less pushy:

"No problem, I will email you after our call. Would you be opposed to a follow conversation?"

(it is easier to say "no" than "yes" is the theory behind that approach). 


"Sure thing!  Are there others in your organizations who may be interested in receiving this information"?

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There are so many avenues that one could take. But a few thoughts to consider:
What was the goal of the cold call? 
Was it to win a transactional sale? 
Was it to identify their needs/interests? 
If the goal of the call was to create a connection, this could be considered a half-win. Without understanding their needs/current pain points/processes, etc, the follow-up email will most likely fall flat. 

Step one is clearly define your goal for a call. Whether we want to believe it or not, society has made the "call" seem somewhat intrusive, especially in business to business, the passive email tends to be the favorite.

You can still certainly make it a valuable follow-up email - focus on sharing valuable research, insights, white papers, etc. Don't make it generic - be specific. Focus on creating value for them from the onset. 

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From my experience, this typically happens when the prospect fails to see the value proposition that you are offering

If you’ve managed to get them on a call (without being overly pushy) then there’s likely a glimmer of hope with the deal, but you may have misrepresented the solution impact.

Remember that you need to understand the pain before you implicate it. If a lead attempts to disengage very early in a conversation, you need to assess that call to identify why. Be granular, use data, and learn from it for the future.

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Senior Director, Head of Value (EMEA/APAC) at Certinia in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Value Selling (focus on business issues, challenges, value prop vs just costs)
Customer Experience and Lifetime Value va just upfront costs

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Senior Director, Head of Value (EMEA/APAC) at Certinia in Software, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
Active listening to challenges, pains and objectives
Good discovery facilitation
Support in building a business case
Price flexibility (not drops per se)
Focus on customer experience

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