What are some tools you use to manage intercompany transactions with a focus on transfer pricing policies/service recharges? Examples include calculating and monitoring group allocations, trademark/tradename royalties, and other types of intercompany recharges.

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India Head and Director of Global Finance Shared Services in Hardware, 5,001 - 10,000 employees
We manage intercompany transactions through a combination of Coupa and ERP Application SAP. The transfer pricing rates have been built into SAP to bill Intercompany transactions at predefined rates. We have created 2 HUB entities structure one for the US and other one for all international entities. These HUB entities also charge administrative charges to route transactions. 
Director of Finance in Consumer Goods, 10,001+ employees
We ensure that transactions are recorded as per Arm's length price as per International transfer pricing policies. We use ICNPA and GLSU to pass the intercompany transactions through SAP and blackline.
VP of Finance, Self-employed
Hi all- I'm the controller of a tech company that has significant interco transactions due to transfer pricing. Our policy is quiet sophisticated as requires different mark ups (which can change frequently) based on various costs (for instance sales support mark up differs vs. R&D etc). We've struggled to find a good tool to automate our processes and are now consider Alteryx for modeling and blackline for billing/settlement. I'd love to have a conversation with anyone else that might be experiencing similar challenges. Thanks, Giancarlo

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