How do you create KPI and collect metrics for a data warehouse/ data center when looking to identify the value objectively/quantifiable?

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This one is pretty context-driven imo but we can start with looking at the individual columns captured inside the data warehouse and set up quality metrics accordingly building it up to the dataset level and then to the database level. 
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There are multiple KPIs/metrics that you can define and collect data for correspondingly, to be able to look at the functioning and/or the success of a datawarehouse. Some of them might be easy to quantify, while the others are bit more difficult.

Some metrics that can be easy to quantify can be

Data Availability metrics : Such as system uptime, % of system availability
Performance metrics : Such as data latency, Query response time and concurrency
Cost metrics : such as storage costs, processing costs trending over time

Some metrics may be harder to quantify, such as Data quality (completeness, integrity) or Data governance (lineage, ownership)
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In my experience this has to be defined by the consumers of the data in the data warehouse/data center.  They need to articulate what outcomes they want to achieve from having the data warehouse and then you can create metrics to measure whether this is being achieved.  You can also ask the same people to define what makes that data good enough for them to use for those purposes and you can then measure and report on data quality in the data warehouse

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