How do you see sustainability efforts in the industry progressing?

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Director, IT in Software, 201 - 500 employees
There are other nations that we can learn more from in the US and tie that back in an innovative way to what we're doing in our respective businesses. But overall, we have a long way to go. The good thing is, with social media platforms there is an organic impulse. Companies are being put on the hook because there's so much more visibility; it’s not only the big media outlets that report negative information about what someone or something is doing. Now, anyone with a cell phone can report this stuff. So more people are going to be on the hook in the long run, but I'm hoping that we can continue to push as a human race and get to that carbon-neutral state.
CIO in Services (non-Government), 201 - 500 employees
I spend quite a bit of time in the U.K. as well as working in the USA, and I think the U.K. has a better structure in place as it relates to helping businesses progress towards sustainability.  Mostly, I think this has to do with the fact the government in the U.K. has a more unified approach to grants, tax breaks and financial incentives towards businesses that are trying to transition to a more sustainable business model.  The U.K., Germany, France, Norway, all have very aggressive approaches that are centrally managed, and those approaches are more codified, in terms of helping businesses with resources to aid in the transition .

I'd like to see a more structured and less complex pathway for businesses in the USA to be able to follow a more logical direction.  The USA tends to have a bit less centralized resource pool; it gets split up and fragmented between Federal, state and local, and can end up being excessively difficult to navigate.
Director of Engineering in Services (non-Government), 2 - 10 employees
At different paces. Sustainability is made up of economic, social and environmental considerations. Leaving economic considerations aside, one could argue that the tech industry is working towards greater diversity in its workforce through initiatives such as And ISO SC39 (Sustainability, IT and data centres) has published useful metrics and standards to measure and manage resources. The next standards challenge concerns the sustainability of crypto and AI workloads - work that is about to commence in October.

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Lack of information29%

Energy consumption4%

All of the above16%

Other (share below)1%


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Slow recovery response times34%

Data availability is limited49%

Too expensive to scale effectively52%

Difficult to manage for widespread use37%

Prone to misconfiguration12%

No - There are no drawbacks7%


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