Any recommendations on building a learning & development pathway to train employees on use of GenAI tools (like ChatGPT)? Or any supplier/vendor recommendations for this L&D process?

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Recommendation on building a learning & development pathway to train employees on use of GenAI tools (like ChatGPT).

1. Begin by understanding why you need to use GenAI tools. Consider how these tools can enhance your work and the specific skills you'll need to develop.
2. Based on your needs, set clear and achievable learning objectives. These objectives will outline the knowledge and skills you should gain from the training.
3. Create a structured curriculum that covers the essential aspects of GenAI tools and their applications. Your learning journey could include components like: Introduction to GenAI Tools, Understanding ChatGPT, Ethical Usage of ChatGPT, Real-Life Scenarios of ChatGPT, gaining practical experience, etc.
4. Select learning formats that suit your preferences and schedule. Options can include workshops, webinars, online courses, self-paced modules, and in-person sessions.
5. Utilize comprehensive resource materials to support your learning journey and interact with trainers who possess expertise in GenAI tools and their applications. They'll guide you through complex concepts and facilitate interactive learning.
6. Participating in hands-on workshops and interactive sessions to gain practical experience with ChatGPT.
7. Get Assessed and Receive Feedback to evaluate your understanding and progress. Constructive feedback can help in refining your skills.
8. Utilize available support systems as you integrate GenAI tools into your work. These could include dedicated forums, helpdesk assistance, or regular follow-up sessions.
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We have been working with KnowB4 to build an L&D program for AI. They have been supporting our needs with IT Security and general compliance training for a few years now and we've been pleased.
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Training employees on the use of GenAI tools (like ChatGPT) can be done through collaboration between the training institute and the organization.

Based on the organization's structure and budget, we decide whether we can arrange a tailored program that can give them thorough knowledge or whether we can collaborate with a training institute by analyzing their curriculum and reputation in the market.

Multiple platforms are present that have a very good, tailored curriculum for training purposes on the use of GenAI tools (like ChatGPT). Skillsoft, LinkedIn Learning, Cegos, Coursera for Business, Udemy for Business, etc. are some examples of places where you can get tailored curriculum content for virtual trainings.

It's better to evaluate multiple options, request demonstrations or trials, and gather feedback from multiple users and stakeholders before making a decision.

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