Any recommendations on virtual team games, or activities for groups of 15-30 people?  So far Bingo and Name, Place, Animal and Thing are leading. Others?

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Definitely following this
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My team has meetings on Monday and Friday mornings each week. We rotate and give each person a chance to decide what we do on Friday morning. Examples include - Hawaiian shirt day, Favorite game day, Comfort food recipe day, broadcast from a new spot, and so on. Some people really get into it - change their background, display and go into details, etc. We’ve been doing it all summer and now fall with very favorable results. It’s forcing everyone to be creative to come up with an idea and then to answer.
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What we do is a full Gamification process with my DEV team.

We have a leaderboard that goes for each sprint we plan and we have a leaderboard that sums all points of the previous and current sprint leaderboard.

I’ve devised certain rules that affect the number of points any team member would gain or lose ( Based on the tasks done, the sprint planning, any new feasible ideas that might impact positively the team or the current project, etc. ).

At the end of each sprint, badges and trophies are assigned based on merits.

Since I implemented this, the DEV team productivity has increased and there is an organic competition that surrounds everyone that benefits overall performance.
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Virtual jeopardy or trivial pursuit.
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Whatever happened to bonding over the software tool everyone hates having to use at the company & likes to complain about? I know travel/expense systems aren’t seeing much use, but there has to be something! 🤔
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Lol. That's always a fun activity

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We did a virtual workout + online quiz. If the quiz wasn't so long it would've been more fun, but there should be a service for this. Entertainment-as-a-Service / Morale-as-a-Service.
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Agree. Big events are easier — budget for hosts, entertainment, visual storyboarding (super cool), and the like. Even if the experience is different, it’s something special.

Smaller communities of interest or team meetings I find harder, but working in it.

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I recently had a virtual team dinner and people shared pictures of their hometowns - it went really well!  I haven't tried this but looks like a great way to add some fun to an event:

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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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