What are your security insights on ZTNA based public access of remote network devices like Firewall, routers etc?

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Head of ISG in Finance (non-banking), 5,001 - 10,000 employees
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a network security method that relies on rigorous access limits and authenticating every user and device seeking to access network resources. When used to grant public access to remote network devices such as firewalls and routers, ZTNA can provide various security advantages: Improved Access Controls, Micro-Segmentation, and so on.
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ZTNA is similar to the software-defined perimeter (SDP) approach to controlling access. In ZTNA, like in SDP, connected devices are not aware of any resources (applications, servers, etc.) on the network other than what they are connected to.
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Zero trust security principles should be easy.user faster,safer access your corporate resources.ZTNA treats  application access separately from network purpose.
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If anyone has experience with Android ZTNA clients, I am keen to know the security insights as well as the application usage.I hope most well known vendors have included Android clients also.

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Wide administrative rights can cause remote hacking of IT tools by reaching the IAM or business processes.
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