Which suitable and handy method should be used to track remote employees?

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teams is making great difference tracking remote employees but most important is making collaboration easier and giving employees many tools to acomplish their daily activities
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Yes I agree with your view. Is there any solution you can use please let us know.

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Connection to VPN network
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Endpoint solution used.
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It depends what do you want to achieve - remote access gateway along with tool such as Manage Engine firewall analyser can provide logs including time stamps like what time user connected, how long user connected for and what time user disconnected.

I would just check whether employees are actively participating and completing their work effectively.
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Time tracking software tools such as Toggl, Hubstaff, and Time Doctor allow you to track the hours worked by remote employees, see screenshots of their work, and monitor their online activity.
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Tracking employees? Looks like you are talking about decade back era. Just assign the work, monitor the output, and deliver the result... You don't need to track employees (remote or office). I personally feel, it's a waste of time, resources, and money to invest in such tools to track employees. I have seen many orgs. coming out of this mindset after realising the losses with such approach.
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Thank you for your reply. Great to know that people are in industries with a positive and progressive mind.

My question was regarding customer report/data entry with remarks of meeting discussion and reminder of next follow up. Requires tools for sales people, which helps sales engineers to take follow-ups and generate leads more easily.

Hope you will have a good tool to suggest.

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1. Accountability and frequent performance review + quality of code control 2. Skill based hiring to avoid wrong people at right place 3. Non performers must go as soon as it has been discovered 4. less analysts, marketing and management. 5. RPA
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Although many may see this as a 'none valid question'. It is a very real one and on the mind of many business leaders now! 

Maybe I can help explain the 'why' and what I'm hearing in the external CIO meetings I am involved in. 

The issue many businesses are seeing is not just remote workers, and the rest of it. The issue is people and employees not documenting or even creating general processes for the work. This leaves many teams doing different yet the same work and no one knows right from left. The only result is leadership can see the work is being completed. Yet when you ask the workers they don't always know how or why they are doing the 'work' in the first place. <- How can this be measured? 

1. Is it being done correctly? 
2. Is the work the best quality it could be? 
3. Or is everyone one step away from a lawsuit?

Since there is not an easy answer many companies are looking toward Process Mining, and Task Mining features to bring about Process Discovery. However, even though there are these types of technologies out there now, there are many ways to implement each and some are more or less intrusive yet are still very aware of the timing and tracking of the overall process or critical path. 

There is more to unpack here. If anyone has questions I can certainly help point you in the right direction. This is one f those times when something is happening if we like it as a community or culture or not. It's also the time to talk through it, understand the why then help drive the solution to one that everyone could ideally be ok with. 

I hope this helps and is based on my experiments, conversations, and overall is my opinion. 
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Best methods to track remote employees:

Time-tracking software

Virtual meetings

Project management tools

Communication apps.
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Held Polls in between sessions for live audience which is time bounded

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