When you think about how deeply you embed a cloud access security broker (CASB) system into your infrastructure, is there skepticism or optimism?

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I think, with any utility, you'd have some amount of skepticism, but it's a necessary thing at this point. So I'm pretty optimistic about our CASB system. It's working pretty well for us, and it's definitely one of those things where I know I feel better having something, even if it's not perfect and still evolving. The data I'm getting from it is really important, and I'm able to take that data and use that for things like conditional access. The SaaS tool sprawl is significant, pushing 200 apps at least. We have to have something in place now that most of the data is not on the endpoint and it's all in an app somewhere.
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While we are reviewing various CASB solutions today, there’s surely some amount of skepticism in what we can see from a privacy standpoint, but we are optimistic that tools such as CASB and other Data behavioral analysis tools will give IT that required visibility and enable the security teams to have more control over critical data and application control overall. Another point of concern would be privacy laws of various countries. The intermingled approaches between CASB vendors make it extremely confusing from a buyer perspective especially when we are in early in the journey to implement and embed CASB in our infrastructure.
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Optimism. every organization (who is concerned about security) should implement a CASB tool.

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