Who should have the ultimate responsibility for Resources Management i.e. Assigning tasks to resources, Assigning resources on projects, Keep a check if resources are free and engage them etc - the CTO or the PM?

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Depends on what type of resources we are talking about and how the organization is structured. Typically a CTO would have or should have few senior architects as his direct reports, who could be assigned to projects for a brief period of time or to perform feasibility analysis estimation etc for big programs or initiatives. I would expect the CTO to manage assignment of these resources to projects or programs depending on the priorities. The PM on the other hand gives his view of what he needs to execute a project and once someone is assigned to the project he will take care of managing their workload. So a PM will go as per a project plan which would have been agreed and blessed by various stake holders like people owners across various functions and expected to execute as per that. If there is a change to the agreed plan, then the PM need to communicate that to the stake holders and re-negotiate.
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In agreement that the answer is dependent on the organization structure because there are some larger companies that have a resource management department. Specific to this question, the CTO generally has the final decision on the assignment of resources to a project and the PM is responsible for running the plan and alerting stakeholders of deviations to the plan due to resource constraints or other influences. In my organization, the PMO tracks and manages a resource allocation forecast that provides visibility to what resources are assigned to, the amount of time allocated to it, and what resources are available. The process of assigning resources to new projects is a collaborative discussion I have with the CTO and the rest of the technology leadership team. 
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