Will 5G Internet make 4K Blu-Ray Players obsolete?

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The average consumer doesn’t typically use any type of DVD player. I think they’re pretty much already obsolete.
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DVDs are very popular at my local public library. It has one of the biggest collections of DVDs. While some other libraries have one of the biggest collections of Blu-Ray.

I do not subscribe to an online movie streaming services. But I do like their original content. I also like the fact that this has created more opportunities for new series, movies and Anime to be made.

Amazon is doing a great job with producing thriller series such as Jack Ryan or the upcoming Hanna

Netflix had done a great job with Anime, movies and series such as Castlevania, Godzilla, Narcos: Mexico or Triple Frontier.

DC Universe nailed it with a violent version of Titans. This has allowed them to show things in a series that they could not normally show on regular TV channels. Doom Patrol was also another interesting idea.

I hope that horror author Clive Barker jumps on board this train and produces Demonik for either Amazon or Netflix. I wonder which media will be used for Barker's upcoming Books of Blood and Nightbreed series.

But until I sign up for one of these services, I will still checkout either DVDs or Blu-Rays. I just requested my library to add Titans season 1 to its collection. Through interlibrary loan, I also saw Castlevania on DVD.

I also want to see what more content gets produced by these online services.

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I don’t own cable. Only when I’m traveling do I watch tv. 📺
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I have cable throughout my House and a AirPort Time Capsule that backs up and syncs all 3 Apple Products. Computer, iPad and iPhone! I am a tech nut. I love my technology and refresh products every 3 years. This is my only bad habit.

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