When evaluating security solutions, if functionality is equal across all, what would be the leading factor to impact your buying decision?

Presentation of proposal materials11%


Simplicity of packaging10%





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Director of IT in Software, Self-employed
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The level of support offered by the vendor, including access to customer service and technical support, can be a key consideration. As technology is evolving every day and that includes the danger of cybersecurity, it would be funny if a security hole emerged with a new technology or technique and the company asked for a countermeasures or prevention strategy report by the vendor but the vendor responded slowly which would create a panic among the companies.

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Malicious use of AI algorithms for targeted cyberattacks20%

Unauthorized access to sensitive AI models and data68%

Adversarial attacks compromising the integrity of AI systems9%

Lack of transparency and explainability in AI decision-making processes3%