What are your experiences with the success of digital transformation in your organization or that of your clients? I ask as anecdotally I have found it to be very low, and recently McKinsey and CGI have suggested it's as low as 5% success and only as high as 25% successful. So very curious as to your experiences on average rate of success.

0 - 10%9%

11% - 25%59%

26% - 50%22%

51% - 75%8%

76% - 100%0%


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Director in Manufacturing, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
If you include our projects that also do conversion to standard software and process automation it’s definitely above 75%, but I am betting your definition and ours are a bit different

If we had a process that wasn’t in a application where it’s tracked and measured and we did a process review to streamline and incorporate automation we considered it “transformation”
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CEO in Healthcare and Biotech, 11 - 50 employees

Thanks   , and yes, our definitions do differ as I didnt include software conversion. I come from the healthIT space, so my perspective is oriented to workflow process and customer/patient interaction 

CDO in Software, 10,001+ employees
I think the challenge to measure this is “digital transformation” means many things and each of those things have different level of maturity, scope and organizational complexity to be implemented and adopted in an organization. Some will call DT a cloud migration, others a CRM SaaS implantation or even a transition of a business unit to a product organization and operating model. If we could measure things independently we will see % that are different and while not super high, we will be able to analyze the cases with more discipline. What, I found is the “real transformation” is the shift in culture, organization and operating model to extract the value of these new technologies, that is a tough battle to win and in my experience many times the reason of not seeing the expected results.

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Replacing incumbent technology/processes41%

Business justification / ROI / Payback period58%

Vendors don't meet business requirements16%

Too busy for evaluation16%

New vendor onboarding0%

Problem doesn't align with business imperatives0%




All of our budget0%

Most of our budget (50-100%)0%

Some of our budget (10-50%) 100%

Not much of our budget (<10%) 0%

We aren't investing in GenAI0%