What would be your first choice for moving to Cloud Iaas?

Amazon Web Services AWS38%

Microsoft Azure36%

Google Cloud19%

Alibaba Cloud3%

Oracle Cloud4%



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Enterprise Security & Risk Management Architect in Insurance (except health), 10,001+ employees
Are you planning on a long-term IaaS strategy or are you moving off of IaaS to PaaS or similar?

If you are integrating your IaaS environment with other areas of your business that may operate in the cloud, you need to consider which cloud service best fits your business model so you don't get into issues with data affinity or gravity. Pick a cloud for a holistic strategy and for most companies IaaS is not driving reason cloud usage.

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Having certified employees61%

Having experienced employees39%


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IT Cyber Security and Compliance in Healthcare and Biotech, 1,001 - 5,000 employees
around 2

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