How confident are you that the legal and regulatory landscape will evolve quickly enough to keep up with the rapid advancements in AI technology?

Completely confident0%

Mostly confident25%

Somewhat confident0%

Not very confident75%

Not at all confident0%


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Director of Legal in Software, Self-employed
Legal (at least some parts of the legal ecosystem) have adopted/been eager to learn more about generative artificial intelligence. However, I think that this move has largely been driven by leadership knowing that clients will expect them to be aware of and using these solutions + use of it will allow for less lawyers to do just as much/more work than has historically been the case. The path to ROI is clearer perhaps in the view of leaders than it has been for other forms of technology. The bottom line for me is technology will always outpace the legal sector's ability to keep up. The goal should not be to keep up, but to not fall too far behind.
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Director of Legal in Software, Self-employed

100% - the laws always lag the tech, but working to minimize the gap is key.


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Digital literacy and data analysis skills40%

Emotional intelligence and empathy skills46%

Creativity and innovation skills42%

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills45%

Adaptability and flexibility skills20%


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Employee Dissatisfaction31%

Creating a digital wall with customers18%


Validity/reliability of responses19%

Other (please note in the comments below)0%

No problem, bring it on3%


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