To drive digital innovation, do you attend demos by tech startups / companies?

Never Tried20%

Tried but discontinued24%

Trying but needs work30%

Adopted but impact is unclear17%

Adopted with measurable impact7%


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Assistant Director IT Auditor in Education, 10,001+ employees
Yes, because I get the opportunity to see some of the product capabilities and whether the product has potential to help my organization. Many times I am not familiar with a product and getting to see the demos I can get a better understanding, like CASBs. Every organization should have CASBs installed.
Director of Network Transformation, Self-employed
This is a must.  If you are only looking at the major vendors for innovation, you are missing out.  I've worked with a number of startups, been an advisor and then worked at one myself.  Opens your eyes to new ideas and if the product is interesting, you can provide feedback to help you solve your issues better.  Heck, there is a reason established vendors buy startups!  Get ahead of the curve and take that demo.  It's worth it! 

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Modbus (widely used protocol in industrial automation and control systems)13%

OPC UA (protocol for machine-to-machine communication that is designed for use in industrial automation and control systems)48%

MQTT (lightweight messaging protocol that is designed for use in low-bandwidth, high-latency networks)21%

DDS (real-time publish-subscribe communication protocol that is designed for use in distributed systems)10%

AMQP (messaging protocol that is designed for use in distributed systems)2%

LoRaWAN (long-range radio-wide area network used for IoT, smart cities, and industrial applications)1%

Proprietary protocols (please, comment)4%


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Big Data21%

Remote Work17%

Microservices / Containerization11%

CI / CD5%



Digital Transformation16%

Cloud / Cloud Native1%

DevOps or DevSecOps6%

Other (comment)1%


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CTO in Software, 201 - 500 employees
Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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