Does anyone have a good Cloud Technology Roadmap template? I am looking for help and or pointers on format and headings to make sure I include.

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Are you looking for a roadmap to move/migrate/hybrid to the cloud? or how to utilize cloud technologies in a planful manner?
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It all depends on your case. If you are looking forward to move to cloud from on prem here are some pointers - 
1. Plan - List all apps, databases, requirements, Choose cloud provider, migration plan.
2. Design and Architecture - based on cloud provider and your requirements, choose the patterns, services and tools.
3. Security and Configuration - Access control, Security settings, Firewalls etc. 
4. Data migration - Once apps are deployed (re-hosted or refactored), choose how do you switch the databases and migrate data. There are tools available for that.
5. Monitoring - Setup dashboards for SLA, SLOs, performance metrics, app monitoring etc. 

And as always - Continuous improvements with documentation and cross skilling in team.
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Creating a Cloud Technology Roadmap has been a crucial part of our strategic planning, and while there isn't a one-size-fits-all template, I what we've used to guide our cloud technology initiatives:

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
3. Current State Assessment
4. Business Goals and Objectives
5. Cloud Strategy
6. Roadmap Timeline
7. Cloud Service Models
8. Cloud Deployment Models
9. Cloud Migration Plan
10. Security and Compliance
11. Cost Management
12. Governance and Management
13. Vendor Selection
14. Training and Skill Development
15. Risk Assessment and Mitigation
16. Performance Metrics and KPIs
17. Communication Plan
18. Appendix
Our Cloud Technology Roadmap is highly customized to our organization's unique goals, challenges, and resources. Adapting the template to fit our specific needs has been essential for a successful cloud adoption strategy.
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We've built the framework for cloud migration/modernisation initiatives. Format is graphical. 
Looks more or less like this:


The “Adjust” wave covers the planning and aligning of the organization for cloud and data endeavors. Foundational choices and considerations are analyzed to establish a basis for the project.

 - Requirement Analysis

- Calculating Cloud Cost

 - Choosing Cloud Architecture

 - Cloud Migration Strategy

 - Considering Security Risks

 - Designing team for further steps

 - Business impact discussed and designed


The “Design” wave encompasses the complete design of primary and subsidiary cloud and data processes. The substance of the project is generated here with a broad scope capturing each element necessary for completion.


- Rollback plan design

 - Data storage and operations design

 - Data modelling and Design

 - Data security check and design

 - Data quality audit and design

 - Data architecture designed

 - Policies and documentation updates

 - Board of Directors meeting plan designed

 - Value extension


The “Connect” wave sets the stage for integration. Content generated in the “Design” wave is prepared to be activated and final attunements are made to completely align the material for migration.


- Data Source listed

 - Data integration verified and designed

 - Data Mapping plan

 - Data storage verified, designed or redesigned

 - Data targets designed

 - PoC / Batches plan

 - Manuals delivered



The “Migration” wave sees implementation of all new processes. Planning and execution of migration is accompanied by TCO and ROI checks. Ultimately, testing and a final release sees a full connection of designed processes with the system.


- Planning

 - Selecting tasks

 - Sprint building

 - Meetings. Synchs. Retros

 - TCO and ROI checkup

 - Coaching

 - Migration and Automation

 - Testing and final realease



The “Enable” wave consists of monitoring for optimal performance of the launch. All considerations are reviewed and processed for future endeavors in optimization and automation of processes.


- Operation and support

 - Data Governance

 - Optimization

 - Use cases revisit

 - Business automation

 - CLTV triggers

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