Has anyone had any success with evaluating the impact of using Generative AI tools such as GitHub's Copilot on the productivity or performance impact on developers? I see a lot of qualitative discussions about how developers say they are more productive, but how are you measuring that impact?

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One of the things we're looking at is the number of commits, PRs, deploys that are being done in a repo before and after devs start using Copilot. We're also considering test coverage % and post deployment issues. 
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Here is a link to a study where they recruited 95 professional developers, split them randomly into two groups, and timed how long it took them to write an HTTP server in JavaScript.
Research: quantifying GitHub Copilot’s impact on developer productivity and happiness - The GitHub Blog


The group that used GitHub Copilot had a higher rate of completing the task (78%, compared to 70% in the group without Copilot).
The striking difference was that developers who used GitHub Copilot completed the task significantly faster–55% faster than the developers who didn’t use GitHub Copilot. Specifically, the developers using GitHub Copilot took on average 1 hour and 11 minutes to complete the task, while the developers who didn’t use GitHub Copilot took on average 2 hours and 41 minutes. These results are statistically significant (P=.0017) and the 95% confidence interval for the percentage speed gain is [21%, 89%].
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Thanks for sharing. Interesting study 🤔

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🤗 you are welcome. 

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Thanks Romano. Yes, I had seen that study (really the only one I found that had actual metrics). It's a start, but really that's a fairly artificial example, since in real life we would never set a bunch of our developers up to all code the same thing. I was hoping that someone had done a live before and after measurement of developer productivity. The search continues . . .

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We have a team of 30 developers using Copilot over the last five months. Exclusively Java and TypeScript developers building enterprise software. We’ve seen around 5% productivity gains, which is pretty much what we expected. It’s very good for well documented APIs and boilerplate code. It’s pretty much a wash with proprietary business logic.
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Thanks Matthew. How was the 5% gain calculated? We're really looking to see if there is a way to actual measure the impact short of doing a survey and asking the devs if they thought they were more productive.

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We measure the cycle time (from feature start until merge) across all of our development teams. 


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Without a doubt - Technical Debt! It's a ball and chain that creates an ever increasing drag on any organization, stifles innovation, and prevents transformation.
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