In this digital age, how can we ensure our sensitive data isn't compromised, like in the recent Twitter lawsuit? What safeguards exist to protect us from potential data leaks?

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In that case we have to be more focus on selection of data security product like firewall, Checkpoint and othe L2 networking so we can avoid or reduces the risk.
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Absolutely Indrajit, I totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving your valuable input. 

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Security technology is an endlessly expanding universe. 
From my experience, the 2 most critical factors are still policy & behavior:
1. Reinforce least-privilege and need-to-know-basis policies regarding permissions
2. Educate employees on recognizing phishing attempts via email, mobile phone, social networks etc.
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It is better to build internal policy in key "if data has been already compromised". That will trim appropriate focus for team and management and like and action plan to succeed if becomes true. Your buerocracy will have less momentum, more right focus on carefull execution.
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Use strong password
Keep your software up-to-date
Make regular backup
Be cautious clicking suspicious email
Limit your personal info online.
Use encryption
Regular security audit
Use fire wall.

With the above precautions you can reduce the risk of compromise in digital world.
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To protect sensitive data in this digital age, use strong passwords, update software regularly, encrypt data, back up important files, be cautious when sharing personal information, and educate yourself and your employees on best practices.
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I am a member of the mobile app blockchain foundation. Over 3 mln apps downloaded. His protection is blockchain encryption but everyday admins are giving security tips to members
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It has to be Twitter's and any SM's responsibility to protect his user's data
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After all the leaks that are going around, we have learned to never share anything except common data on such networks, like events and general announcements. I think this is the best way to stay safe.
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As data literacy and citizen data scientists are spreading around, it looks like one must increasingly address data awareness and data proficiency. Users must be aware of the sensitivity of data. This should not restrict them in working with data, but any kimd of export to textfiles and user-created databases should be (almost) fully replaced by proper access to data sources in a controlled manner.

As an austrian, i know, what's all aboour, see:

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Structure unstructured data23%

Determine what data you need to protect52%

Implement remediations to protect your sensitive data16%

Give role-based access to the sensitive data9%


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Always remember about Risk Assessment. Conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential data loss risks and vulnerabilities. Use this assessment to prioritize DLP efforts.
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This question requires a long explanation, but in a nutshell, implemented in the Risk Management Framework (NIST RMF). It is a layered protection in every step of the RMF.
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