Hi all! We currently monetize through sponsored surveys and split revenue with our users while anonymizing the data and sharing it with marketing teams to help them with their GTM strategy. We'd like to introduce a model where we enable marketing teams to learn directly from CXOs and their potential buyers via Zoom (think Zoom meets Masterclass). Executives on Pulse would be compensated for their time, and marketing teams would learn a tremendous amount every week. Is this something you would be open to doing? If not, what would your hesitations be?

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, , , ,  - would love your thoughts. Thanks!
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In short, it depends on a variety of factors. Frequency and duration of each call? Characteristics of the clients business? Market segment? Maturity? Etc.

As for compensation, not a motivator and only complicates things. Prefer to pass.


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Thanks Declan. As an example, chatting with the an Identity provider's PMM team to help them understand the CIO PoV.

Probably once or twice a month for 45m each.

Optional compensation would be contributions to a charity of your choice. $500-$1000 per session.

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Once or twice a month is certainly doable and a charity donation would be great.

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I've done it several times in the past sans compensation, so I'm open to this
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Thanks Mike! How often would be too often for you to do?

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Our company requires a lot of confidentiality so only by being anonymous does sharing input work.
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I agree wit Chris on the need for confidentiality as it would be important not to be mentioned by name in any marketing or sales collateral to avoid complicating existing relationships with other companies


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