How are other marketing teams managing their content needs? I have a content manager but keeping up with blog posts, video content, micro video content, etc. is proving to be a challenge. How are other leaders handling this?

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Director of Marketing in Media, 2 - 10 employees
You might consider onboarding an intern. This not only provides education to someone that is actively looking for work in the space, but it could help you alleviate some of the more tedious tasks like content scheduling/delivery, and even content creation if they are able.
VP of Marketing in Education, 2 - 10 employees
Working with other team members to create content strategies to be followed across the month, scheduling and creating content in advance, use of AI in content creation, and having interns and trainees for managing simple task loads.
CMO in Software, 11 - 50 employees
The only advice I can provide is to repurpose content. For every asset we create, I use the same/similar content for multiple assets - blog to short video - to social posts - etc.. I also record many of the conversations we have internally only to later shift into transcripts that can be easily turned to additional content. $0.02
VP of Marketing in Software, 11 - 50 employees
1. Plan ahead based on calendar events - Create specific content for specific times of year based on holidays, events like cyber monday and others.
2. Seperate your content to SEO and Thought Leadership. SEO content can be addressed by third party writers (freelancers or firms who are dedicated to SEO content creation). Though leadership content should be contributed by your thought leaders (Developers, product managers, architects, engineers data scientist, etc.) . Have them write outlines about topics they are experts at and are interesting for them (and your business). Take these outlines and make them into articles. These will get a lot of attention.
3. Spend some time on videos and  repurpose them  as blogs, whitepapers, etc.
4. Create Webinars, they generate audiences and are probably one of your strongest content pieces. 
5. Cut and edit whatever you have - your above materials should provide enough content for micro video content. Find key points and re-use them.
CMO in Services (non-Government), 11 - 50 employees
Working with content marketing usualy sounds easier than it really is, it envolves several aspects from planning, the copywriting itself, SEO and know what metrics are the ones that matter most for your business.


1 - Have you mapped out the company’s personas?

The first step in any content marketing strategy is to define your target audience. This will help you create content that is relevant and resonates with your target customers. I recommend defining your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) as well, because it enriches your knowledge on who are the top audience you want to target.


2 – What are the goals?

What is the most important now, to increase your brand awareness or to generate potencial sales leads? Making your goals clear (for the whole team) will help to guide the creation and distribution of your content.


3 – Plan the content analysing the customer journey

Once you know the target audience and goals, you can list the themes your content should cover. These themes should align with your audience's interests and needs, talk about their “pains”, as well align with your business goals. For every blogpost, for example, define these:

-       Funnel stage (top, middle, bottom)

-       Persona/ICP

-       Keyword (remember this: only one keyword for URL and don’t try to rank the same keyword on more than one URL, go after a variation of it)

-       Content lentgh (the more technical or bottom stage of the funnel, more words are gonna be necessary)


And of course, it’s never too much to mention the content should be original, written for your blog/company and not published anywhere else on the web.


4 – Ads/paid media to promote the content

Every company has a social media presence and a blog nowadays, so it’s essencial to invest on ad campaigns to make your content reach the targeted audience. To obtain the best cost/benefit, suite the ads to target your ICP.


5 – SEO/organic trafic

It takes more time to get results, but if well done will help you generate more “top of the funnel” leads to nurture and save a lot of money from your budget. Do a keywork research, see how competitors are ranking, go after the long tail keywords first and monitor the top 20 keywords frequentely (weekly usually works well).

6 – Content calendar

It will help you plan out your content in advance and ensure that you have a steady stream of fresh, relevant content being published on a regular basis. You can have a full year macro calendar with your main goals, events, and important dates. And a detailed monthly calendar with every social media post, blogpost, ebook and so on.


7 - Measure and analyze the results

Finally, measure and analyze the results of your content marketing efforts. This can help you understand what's working and most important, what's not, and allow you to adjust your strategy and production as needed.


I work with digital marketing since 2004 and a lot has changed since then, but one thing will never change: you must gain your audience trust, and for this you have to offer them what they’re searching for.


I hope this list helps you to evolve you content marketing production. Sometimes we want to go after “shiny things” and the last trends, but if we lack on doing the basics, it all falls apart, trust me.


P.S.: Make sure you got the right talent working on all this.

P.S. 2: If any of this takes you out of doing the core business you should do, consider hiring an agency to take care of your content marketing for you.
CMO in Software, 51 - 200 employees
We have different team members and partners contribute to content, e.g. AI experts sometimes write insightful articles from their field, Business Analyst contributes a lot to the making of guides/checklists, plus we invite our partners to co-create content together in the form of interviews and case studies. Generally, we take it as personal marketing for all participants of these initiatives, and they seem to also appreciate that we ramp up their personal brand recognition from our corporate sources. 
We also repurpose different content we make, e.g. our content writer takes these articles/materials from the above-mentioned people and utilizes it for other forms of content and/or updates her relevant pieces to be in line with their insightful input. 
Director of Marketing in Media, 2 - 10 employees
You need to create content strategies to be followed across the month. Your content strategies must have to create content in advance, make a schedule of publishing content, and use AI in content creation. 
Additionally, you should be having interns, so that you'll get peace of mind.

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