HR teams who have not integrated generative AI (GenAI) into your workflows, why not? What are your hesitations?

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HR Manager, Self-employed
There are some concerns which has prevented us from integrating generative AI (GenAI) into our workflows. Since we deal with sensitive employee and candidate data, which includes personal information, performance reviews, etc., it raises concerns about how generative AI systems handle and store this data, which can potentially lead to breaches in confidentiality or privacy. Another factor is the control over the content generated by AI. There's little control over the tone, style and accuracy of the generated content, which doesn't align with our requirements and communication standards.
However, due to the rapid change in the adoption of technology, there might be a time when these issues are addressed which will allow us to adopt it.
Sales Manager, Self-employed
We have not fully integrated AI into our workflows, mainly because we are concerned about data privacy issues that might arise if we integrate it into all of our HR processes. There are some ethical and accuracy concerns that have also been discussed.
Manager Total Rewards and Org Design in Finance (non-banking), 501 - 1,000 employees
There are a few reasons for us, in no particular order
1. Our technology stack is not as modern as it needs to be to effectively use AI
2. We need to prepare for (materials, budget, etc) the appropriate training for employees to effectively implement and use AI. 
3. We are a small non-tech company and it is difficult financially to enter into the AI game this early into its existence. 
4. We have tech priorities, but are starting with identifying our highest needs, which unlikely will be AI, for right now. 

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