Can anyone share thoughts on a comparison between Microsoft Bitlocker and Winmagic SecureDoc for workstation disk encryption? Specifically central management of workstations, key management, password resetting, etc.

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Microsoft BitLocker: Built into Windows, BitLocker is known for its easy integration and minimal performance impact. Central management, key management, and password resets can be handled using Microsoft's tools like Endpoint Configuration Manager or Active Directory.

WinMagic SecureDoc: SecureDoc offers a more comprehensive solution, including full disk encryption and file encryption. It shines in environments with multiple OS types. Central management, key management, and password resets can be done via SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES).

Both are effective; the best choice depends on your specific needs and IT environment
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While I have not used WinMagic SecureDoc, Microsoft BitLocker is a great solution, and I can certainly recommend it if Windows is your OS of choice. I have used it on workstations and servers. It works very well with virtualization if you use Hyper-V to protect the host's and guests' VMs. It can be centrally managed (You can use Intune) for endpoints. It does not require any additional financial investment
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BitLocker's compatibility with Windows and Active Directory makes central administration and key  management easier.   

SecureDoc is superior since it supports a wider variety of platforms and has more advanced features - think preboot authentication and password resets. SecureDoc may be a better option for businesses with a wide variety of devices and more complicated encryption requirements. 

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